Milford Readers & Writers Festival Case Study

Carol McManus, co-chair of The Milford Readers & Writers Festival, talks about how Sohn Social Media Solutions helped the Festival increase ticket sales and awareness of this event in Milford, Pa.

OBJECTIVE: The Milford Readers & Writers Festival in Milford, Pa., came to Sohn Social Media Solutions looking for event marketing help – public relations, social media marketing and social media advertising help with the goal of selling its last 150 Main Stage Passes and expanding exposure of the event, which featured Alan Alda, among other authors.


What We Did:

The board of the Festival wrote press releases – one went out every two weeks. Sohn Social Media Solutions edited the press releases, distributed them to the media (newspapers/websites, TV, radio) and followed up several days later.

THE RESULT: The Milford Readers & Writers Festival received coverage by local, regional and national media outlets. C-SPAN2 (BookTV) came to the Festival, recorded it, and it aired on national television.


What We Did:

With the goal of selling 150 Main Stage Passes in mind, Sohn Social Media Solutions used both an organic and paid approach to spreading the word about the annual Festival. We:

  • Created a Facebook advertising campaign sending traffic to the Festival website and blog.
  • Generated three posts a week on Facebook and Instagram featuring the authors, panelists the town, the venues, etc…
  •  Created Facebook analytics reports, to show results from the posts and the advertising campaigns.

THE RESULTS: The Milford Readers & Writers Festival sold out of its Main Stage Passes for the first time ever; the number of followers on Facebook increased to over 1,000; many people engaged with the social media posts; and the posts reached thousands of people.

THE NEXT STEPS: The festival decided to continue working with Sohn Social Media Solutions on both press releases and social media marketing. We continued to edit press releases and distribute and follow up with the press, and we created social media posts focusing on the free panels at the Festival. In addition, Sohn Social Media Solutions took photos and videos at the Festival, posted them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and engaged with the audience on social media – Liking, sharing and Commenting on their posts.

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